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Arthawena at Glance

PT Arthawenasakti Gemilang is a company engaged in the tin packaging industry. Starting from a canned food processing industry, under the name CV. Benteng Mas, has a food processing unit and packaging processing unit, located at Jl. A. Yani Utara 32 Malang. and in 1975, the food processing business unit was discontinued, and the tin manufacturing unit became a commercial unit, with a Job Order system, which supplied the paint, thinner, polish, putty, oil, etc. industrial companies.

In 1991, the name CV. Benteng Mas was changed to PT. Arthawenasakti Gemilang, based on the deed of establishment dated February 4, 1991, number 021 which was drawn up before the notary Koemalasari, SH. in Malang. The deed of establishment was approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia, dated January 17, 1992 Number C2-492 HT.01.01-th 92 and was registered at the Malang District Court on February 11, 1992, Number 11 / PP / PT / II / 1992. On June 1, 1995, after obtaining approval from the Investment Coordinating Board, PT. Arthawenasakti Gemilang changed its business status from a national private company to Domestic Investment (PMDN), with the aim of gaining wider access to movement, in responding to the demands of company development and future strategies.

Over time, PT. Arthawena continuously carried out business expansion and improvement steps in management, production systems, as well as improving quality and service, and in line with market demands and developments, and most importantly the quite rapid development in the property sector at that time, PT. Arthawena focuses on moving in the general can segment, with paint can as the main product.

The monetary crisis that occurred in mid-1997, and continued with the economic crisis that lasted throughout 1998, caused the Indonesian business world to experience difficulties in conducting its business activities. The difficulties faced are getting deeper because very many domestic industries use imported raw materials, as the main source of supply, and are exacerbated by the political uncertainty, the number of collapsed financial institutions, and the loss of trust from foreign principals in the business world in Indonesia. PT. Arthawena also did not escape from this disaster.

The economic crisis that occurred has had a very large negative impact on the performance of PT. Arthawena, among others, the increase in raw material prices, the cessation of major government and private projects, which resulted in a sharp decline in demand for products. At the same time, PT. Arthawena is currently expanding its business by automating production machines, with higher speed and better quality.

PT. Before the crisis Arthawena was dominated by paint cans and thinner manufacturing, however, the prolonged economic crisis has resulted in a sharp decline in people’s purchasing power. The property sector, which was booming some time ago, experienced a decline, and as a result, the activities of PT. Arthawena has also decreased. To overcome this, PT. Arthawena changed its product focus to domestic lubricant packaging, and at the same time leased two business locations in 1999, at Jalan Sunandar Priyosudarmo, to catch up with the very high demand for lubricant cans and meet product needs for the entire Eastern Indonesia region.

When the economy has gradually recovered, PT. Arthawena. PT. Arthawena has reached a wider market, namely packaging for Chemical, Ink, Wood Finishing, and PE Putty etc., while remaining focused on the general can segment, PT. Arthawena strives to achieve a bigger market share on a national scale, by continuing to make efficiency in all lines, increasing productivity, quality and service, and developing human resources, while the old business location is felt to be inadequate, based on considerations of projections and future planning, then at the end of 2003, the company’s location which was originally on Jl. Sunandar Priyo Sudarmo, moved to Jl. Kertanegara 85, Girimoyo Village, Karangploso Malang. With an area of ​​3.5 hectares, better spatial planning, more supportive infrastructure, it is hoped that PT. Arthawena will progress further, and become the best. Furthermore, on October 30, 2006 PT. Arthawena is developing an area outside Malang-East Java, namely by opening a new plant in Kp. Cirewed Ds Sukadamai Kec Cikupa Kab.Tanggerang Banten Province with the aim to get closer to existing customers in areas outside JATIM so that the services provided are truly EXCELLENT.